AVG CloudCare

With AVG CloudCare through Voipex you can simplify and streamline your internet security needs.

AVG CloudCare allows you to manage all your internet security services from a secure, online interface. With the choice of either a managed service where we monitor and maintain all of your security settings or a self managed service where you can manage your PCs through an intuitive self-service web portal.

Key Features

AVG Anti-Virus

  • AVG Resident Shield - scans files as they are copied, opened or saved. When a virus or any kind of threat is detected, you will be warned immediately.
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit - scans for programs that camouflage the presence of malicious software on the computer.
  • AVG ID-Protect - offer real-time protection from malware with a focus on preventing identity thieves from stealing passwords, personal information and financial information.
  • AVG Email Scanner - scans incoming and/or outgoing email messages for malicious software.
  • AVG LinkScanner - protects you from web-based attacks while surfing the internet.
  • AVG Firewall - provides inbound and outbound port and application protection.

AVG Content Filtering

  • Site Blocking - allows you to automatically block sites based on category.
  • Site Exception - allows you to add an exception so that a site in a blocked category can still be accessed.
  • Scheduling - allows you to allow or deny access to sites based on the time of day.
  • Blocking Override - allows you to create a local password to override access to blocked pages.

AVG Remote IT

  • Allows a support technician to remotely connect to your PC to quickly fix issues.

CloudCare Pricing

Product AVG CloudCare AVG CloudCare with Content Filtering AVG Remote IT*
Monthly $2.95 per device $4.90 per device Included Free
Yearly $29.95 per device $49.90 per device Included Free
2 Yearly $49.95 per device $79.90 per device Included Free

* AVG Remote IT is only the software that allows for support technicians to remotely connect to your PC. The subsequent support provided may incur additional fees.