ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line and provides for internet access speeds starting as 256bps/64kbps. ADSL requires an active telephone service.

VoIPex Business Services

VoIPex provides a range of services for business. From business broadband such as ADSL, SHDSL and Mid-Band ethernet as well as Business telephone services such as fixed line phone and VoIP.

VoIPex Ultimate Broadband and Bundle Plans

VoIPex Ultimate ADSL2 Broadband Internet and Bundled Telephone plans.


VoIPex provides a range of broadband internet services such as ASDL, ADSL2, SHDSL and NBN. All of our services are available as a bundle offering which includes a telephone service.

VoIPex also provides ADSL, ADSL2+ and SHDSL hardware such as modems and routers.

VoIPex has recently introduced our Ultimate broadband plans which included unlimited data.


ADSL2+ Broadband Internet and Phone plans

Welcom to VoIPex. We provide a range of Information Technology products and services.

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